Initial Assessment

$ 135 60 MINS
  • Orthopaedic Examination
  • Full Body Movement Screen
  • Patient Education on Relevant Findings
  • Manual Therapy Treatment

Subsequent Treatments

$ 65 30 mins
  • Manual Therapy Treatment
  • May include ART
  • Graston, Taping, Cupping
  • Supervised Exercise and Mobility Session

Treatment & Shockwave

$ 90 30 mins
  • Combining your manual therapy treatment and Shockwave Therapy into one session may be recommended by your therapist

justin towill

(google, 5 stars)

I trained with Tad for several months and he is truly the best at what he does. His knowledge of strength and flexibility is unmatched. My physical improvement was unbelievable over a short time frame.




$ 130 1 hour
  • Thorough health history
  • Orthopaedic examination
  • Patient education on findings and diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Home exercise program

Subsequent Treatment

$ 100 30 mins
  • Reassessment
  • Treatment
  • Review and progression of exercises

Rehab with kinesiologist

$ 100 30 mins
  • Individualized rehab exercise program created by our physiotherapist and kinesiologist

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Massage therapy


60 mins Massage

$ 110 1 hour
  • Initial/follow up assessment
  • Good for 2 or more areas of treatment
  • May include: Manual Massage, IASTM and/or taping

45 mins Massage

$ 90 45 mins
  • Initial/follow up assessment, and home care
  • Good for 1-2 area(s) of treatment
  • Manual Massage, IASTM, and/or taping

30 mins Massage

$ 70 30 mins
  • Initial/follow up assessment, and home care
  • Good for 1 area of treatment
  • Manual Massage, IASTM, and/or taping

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initial assessment

$ 110 75 mins
  • A thorough assessment of the main complaint and full health history will be taken to determine the treatment which may include: acupuncture, cupping, gush and herbal medicine


$ 90 1 hour
  • Treatment may include: acupuncture, cupping, gush and herbal medicine


$ 45 30 mins
  • Cupping sessions can be booked separately or in addition to other services
  • Cupping is used to decompress tissue and increase blood flow which is helpful in alleviating muscular tension and pain

Canada’s Leading Concussion Care Organization. 
As a trained Complete Concussion Management™ practitioner, Kinetic Evolution brings a spectrum of accessible care for those impacted by concussions.

what is aConcussion

A concussion is a mild form of brain injury caused by acceleration and/or deceleration of the brain within the skull causing a temporary disturbance in brain cell activity. This results in altered brain function that can present in a variety of different symptoms.

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