Therapies that may be included in your treatment plan:

  • Laser therapy to help the healing process of acute injuries
  • Shockwave Therapy to help improve blood flow and minimize scar tissue
  • Graston Technique and Active Release Technique to help reduce soft tissue tension
  • Deep Oscilation to help reduce swelling
  • RockTape kinesiology taping to help with injury recovery and performance
  • Individualized rehabilitative exercise program to correct imbalances or restrictions designed to reduce the risk of injury
  • Sport Massage to help with pain and tension related to sport

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Kinetic Evolution is a unique combination of coaches and therapists. We work closely together to continuously create a better experience for you.

Repetitively swinging a golf club in one direction (right-handed or left-handed) creates imbalances within the body. Over time these imbalances in strength, range of motion and flexibility can create altered swing mechanics and increase the risk of injury. An individualized training program that factors in the specific demands of golf can reduce these imbalances and improve golf performance.

The data obtained from the Golf Performance Assessment will provide our strength coaches with valuable data to build an individualized training program that aims to correct your specific imbalances. The results will also be shared with your swing coach to help identify how restrictions may relate to altered swing mechanics.

Golf specific training is designed to be integrative and functions to support your golf game while improving athleticism and reducing your risk of injury.


Rob Anderson
Head Golf Pro at Kelowna Golf & Country Club

Working with Tad and Jeff has been a great challenge and lots of fun! I have greatly increased the range of motion in the shoulders and hips, increased my overall strength and learned how to move properly. I feel way better, have more energy and confidence in how my body works. I am excited to get physically and mentally ready to be competitive again!

Chris Trunzer
Golf Coach at Gallagher’s Canyon, Kelowna BC

Working with Tad has truly transformed my athleticism in the golf swing. He is extremely detail oriented and motivated during a training session. I also appreciated his brute honesty regarding my fitness to play at the highest level.

Clay Stothers
Lead Coach at Okanagan
Golf Club

For years I have been looking for elite level training for our junior performance team. Partnering up with Kinetic Evolution has provided both elite Strength & Conditioning and Sports Therapy to give our juniors every opportunity to achieve their potential and play at their best.

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