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Your free consultation is a one hour session devoted to information gathering. During the consultation process :

You will have the opportunity to discuss your goals, needs, and concerns with a Kinetic Evolution team member.
You’ll learn more about our facility, programs, and philosophy.
No actual exercise is performed during the initial consultation.
You will have the option to schedule a follow-up fitness testing session.

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Our coaches have access to constant mentorship, coaching, and individualized development to promote mastery of their craft.

Customer Review
“I started working with Tad beginning of Oct 2019 and went through their golf performance training. It’s now May 2020 and I’ve gained a lot of strength, size and speed throughout my body as well as added 30-40 yards to my drives. Looking forward to continuing the training this season and next. Tad went above and beyond to maintain my goals and created a training program based on the equipment I had at home during the pandemic. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”
Derek Maloff, Kelowna
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