Jeff Staheli

What is Sports Physiotherapy?

A sports physiotherapist is a licensed physiotherapist with extensive training in working with injuries related to physical activities. They have experience in the care of athletes of all levels ranging from high performance to recreationally active. When suffering from pain or injury related to activity or movement you can benefit from seeking the advice of a therapist …

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Foot Pain

Most of us don’t appreciate our feet. We use them for the majority of our daily and physical activities yet we don’t reciprocate with adequate maintenance. Then when our feet eventually complain in the form of pain we spend a lot of money searching for the solution in the form of new footwear, orthotics or …

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Are You Sitting too Much?

When you take a moment to think about it, a lot of our day is spent sitting. Commuting, desk work, waiting rooms and downtime on the couch are common activities that all have something in common: they involve a lack of moving. Can not moving enough have potential negative effects on our health? Sitting, or sedentary periods, …

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