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What is Athletic Development?

Athletic training is the development of strength, speed, agility, coordination, and stamina in a sport-specific manner to maximize transfer to sport performance. Additional benefits of athletic training include the improvement of psychological characteristics such as work ethic, discipline, and confidence, with the end-goal to provide a competitive advantage in the athletes’ sport.

Kinetic Athlete Training

We combine therapy and coaching to support the athlete’s training and recovery. We’ll work with you to:

Understand your specific challenges and how we can help
Assess your movements (jumping, landing, cutting, accelerating) and fitness
Create short and long-term goals, and the plan to achieve them
Focus on fundamental movement and dynamic core strength
Embrace the coach-athlete relationship

Small Group Training


Training for athletes that are driven to progress within competitive levels of their sport. Programs are individualized based on sport goals, performance needs and competition schedules, to name a few considerations.

Groups of 4 have the added benefit of peer and coach driven accountability, camaraderie and competition. Packages include complementary testing to determine a starting point.

Kelowna Strength & Conditioning Training

Private Personal Training


Private Personal Training may be for you if you want an Individualized Program, Professional Instruction as well as the added benefit of peer driven accountability, camaraderie and motivation. Call (236) 420-1090 or request a consultation online now.

Kelowna Personal Trainer
Personal Training at Kinetic Evolution Kelowna

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We invite you into our facility for a complementary 60-minute consultation. This meeting is focused on information gathering, with no exercise required during the initial consultation.