Stephen Kooistra – Athletic Trainer & Kinesiologist

head shot of Stephen Koistra an athletic trainer and kinesiologist

Meet Stephen: Fostering Whole-Body Excellence in Sport and Health

Stephen grew up in Salmon Arm, playing basketball throughout his youth. After moving on from
high school, he pursued his Bachelor of Human Kinetics at UBCO.

Between his history of coaching basketball and his passion for fitness, he decided to get his first
personal training certification during his third year of university.

Stephen believes in developing the human body as a whole and focussing on improving all physical qualities, rather than being overly specific. This approach helps to build well-rounded, robust athletes and humans, capable of tackling all situations they end up in.

He strongly believes that quality training consists of improving physical strength, but also
mental strength. He has worked with many different people, consisting of highly achieving athletes, various rehab cases, and individuals with general health goals.


UBC Okanagan- BHK Kinesiology

Training Interests

  • Jumping Focussed Sports – Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field Jumps
  • Maximal Effort Strength Training & Powerlifting
  • Jumper’s Knee and Patellofemoral Pain Rehab