Kirby Carter – Personal Trainer

Kelowna Personal Training Kirby Carter
Dr. Kirby Carter

Kirby is a CSEP-CPT and TPI Certified coach who is passionate about Golf and Soccer. Having grown up in the Okanagan Valley, Kirby has experience playing both sports during their competitive seasons and training for them building strength, speed, and power during off season. Kirby is an avid golfer and a central midfielder for Okanagan FC’s first team in the PCSL.

Kirby chose his career path of becoming a personal trainer due to his passion for coaching individuals and being a key asset in their growth and success. Kirby is most passionate about working with athletes of all levels, especially in golf and soccer. Kirby finds success when working with clients by enhancing mobility, developing strength and endurance and mastering movement patterns.

Creating explosiveness in movement and consistency in commitment are cornerstones of Kirby’s philosophy, along with learning more about your own body and understanding your potential.