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We are a group of passionate health professionals that strive to provide elite services and we’re driven to continually deliver results.

What differentiates Kinetic Evolution from other gyms and therapy clinics? Our team of therapists and trainers collaborate to create an individualized program based on your unique goals. A variety of health professionals will combine and integrate their unique knowledge and skill-set in order to optimize your healthcare and fitness program. This unique approach aims to effectively get your results while reducing your risk of injury. 

Whether you need rehabilitation, improved performance, injury-prevention or wanting to improve overall health we are here to help you every step of the way along your healthcare journey.

We exist to support others in achieving their health and fitness goals through elite level training, evidenced-based therapy clinic, nutrition and rehabilitation.  We are proud to be a part of the thriving active community of Kelowna and we are passionate about helping others achieve their full potential. At Kinetic Evolution we believe that exceptional training and therapy can have a profoundly positive and life-changing experience.

Jessica Boate

(google, 5 stars)

I have had chronic pain for 18 months and have spent thousands of my own money and thousands of BC health care’s,.. with no results what so ever. In two visits with Jeff, my pain is almost completely gone and went on an hour hike! I could barely walk, sit or sleep without massive amounts of pain. These guys helped me in a time of desperate need.  I highly recommend these guys for therapy and healing.  I can’t say enough good things about these guys

our team

more than 50 years of experience

Kinetic Evolution is a unique combination of coaches and therapists. We work closely together to continuously create a better experience for you.

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