Meet Our Expert Health & Fitness Team in Kelowna

Discover the expert team behind Kelowna’s Kinetic Evolution, your hub for personalized fitness training and comprehensive therapy services. We specialize in athletic development, personal training, and sports-specific conditioning, alongside physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage, and concussion management. Our dedicated professionals are committed to excellence, ensuring that you achieve your wellness objectives in a supportive environment.

Our Team

Training Team

Head shot of Tad Desimone an athletic trainer
Tad Desimone
Athletic Trainer
Tad’s Bio
head shot of Stephen Koistra an athletic trainer and kinesiologist
Stephen Koistra
Athletic Trainer & Kinesiologist
Stephen’s Bio
head shot of Aldrich Berrios Mercado an athletic trainer and kinesiologist
Aldrich Berrios Mercado
BHK Kinesiology
Athletic Trainer & Kinesiologist
Aldrich’s Bio

head shot of Brodi Sadler an athletic trainer and kinesiologist
Brodi Sadler
BHK Kinesiology
Athletic Trainer & Kinesiologist
Brodi’s Bio
headshot of Josh Mowbray an athletic trainer and kinesiologist
Josh Mowbray
BHK Kinesiology
Athletic Trainer & Kinesiologist
Josh’s Bio

Therapy Team

head shot of Dr. Jeff Staheli a Doctor a Chiropractor
Jeff Staheli
Jeff’s Bio
head shot of Nicholas Race a Doctor of Chiropractic
Nicholas Race
Doctor of Chiropractic
Nicholas’ Bio
head shot of Brett Goodman a registered physiotherapist
Brett Goodman
Registered Physiotherapist
Brett’s Bio
head shot of Ashley Pereira a registered massage therapist
Ashley Pereira
Registered Physiotherapist
Ashley’s Bio
head shot of Wyatt Romanuik a registered massage therapist
Wyatt Romanuik
Registered Massage Therapist
Wyatt’s Bio

head shot of Jayson Bates a registered massage therapistv
Jayson Bates
Registered Massage Therapist
Jayson’s Bio

head shot of Christine Wallace a registered massage therapist
Christine Wallace
Registered Massage Therapist
Christine’s Bio
headshot of Jordon Querino a registered massage therapist
Jordon Querino
Registered Massage Therapist
Jordan’s Bio

head shot of Stephanie Brown a registered physiotherapist
Stephanie Brown
Registered Physiotherapist
Stephanie’s Bio
headshot of Jessie Joseph a registered physiotherapist
Jessie Joseph
Registered Physiotherapist
Jessie’s Bio

Office Team

blue graphic with kinetic evolution logo and picture coming soon text
Ashley Prehofer
Office Manager
blue graphic with kinetic evolution logo and picture coming soon text
Lani Campbell
Office Support
head shot of Maggie
Office Support

What Makes Kinetic Different

Our team of therapists and trainers collaborate to create an individualized program based on your unique goals. A variety of health professionals will combine and integrate their unique knowledge and skill-set in order to optimize your healthcare and fitness program. This unique approach aims to effectively get your results while reducing your risk of injury. 

Whether you need rehabilitation, improved performance, injury-prevention or wanting to improve overall health we are here to help you every step of the way along your healthcare journey.

We exist to support others in achieving their health and fitness goals through elite level training, evidenced-based therapy clinic, nutrition and rehabilitation.  We are proud to be a part of the thriving active community of Kelowna and we are passionate about helping others achieve their full potential. At Kinetic Evolution we believe that exceptional training and therapy can have a profoundly positive and life-changing experience.

Career Opportunities: Join Kelowna’s Leading Fitness & Therapy Team

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